Mihrett is a world of magic, science & belief. It is home to mythical creatures, ancient races and Gods of legend.

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    M. W. Bodewes

Plate of the Gods Trilogy – Book One by: M. W. Bodewes
A great cataclysm has befallen Mihrett and all that remains is the crumbling ruins of its once great civilization. It has been generations since the fall and those left are succumbing to madness and stupidity. What secrets to the past does Mihrett hold, what truths lay dormant and can the races of Mihrett be saved from themselves? When an ancient evil returns is there any hope of salvation for this broken world and its people?

Some legends have humble beginnings and on isolated plateau a boy named Tomar led a simple life hungry for answers to the questions of his world. Unaffected by the same madness of his people an extraordinary set of circumstances set him on a remarkable journey. The path of his quest will take him to amazing places, forge unlikely alliances and endure the absurdity of a world gone mad. Tomars destiny will be written in the pages of Mihretts history.

The thrilling adventure begins here in Book one of the Plate of the Gods trilogy.

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