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M. W. Bodewes

Mark is middle-aged, half Australian and half Dutch but possessing of the combined awesomeness of both countries. Mark invented the term ‘Under-Nederlander’ to describe this union of nationalities…but mostly because he thinks it would make a cool name for a Bond villain.

Mark has chosen to reside on the Gold Coast of Australia with his wife & children. They are more or less ok with this arrangement. Without credible paternity tests his children can deny their parentage and still lead fulfilling lives. They refer to him as ‘uncle’ and tell everyone they are Maltese.

Mark is currently afflicted by Lyme disease which is pretty awful and makes him a pain in the ass to be around. He battles the poor health with grit & determination, channelling his formidable imagination into carefully crafted stories. His writing genius will not be denied, and he’s working on the mood swings. As a result he spends most of his time locked away muttering to himself whilst working on his next masterpiece.

In addition to supreme writing talent Mark fronts a hard-rock band that gets noise complaints from other musicians at the rehearsal studio. They come to complain but are then mesmerized by the intensity. Mark is also an adept artist but refuses to draw anything other than unicorns with chainsaws. He says he has his reasons.

Mark also loves to do many different character voice impersonations and has perfected the worlds greatest Chilli Con Carne recipe. Healthy & delicious…the chilli, not the voices….they’re often racially insensitive AND crassly inappropriate. Mark will say just about anything for a laugh. The Chilli recipe is seriously good though. He’ll share it with you if you ask nicely.


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